Jul 072010

The Sun sentinel reported that Delray Beach Police Department lifted their hiring freeze. Down nearly 20 positions last year between the freeze and retirements, the police chief got permission to fill 10 positions, though five are still frozen.

Delray Beach police officer requirements; at least 60 college credits or a military background. Starting salary range is $44,310 to $49,430, depending on education.

Delray Beach Police Department
300 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444
Non-emergencies: (561) 243-7800
General Information: (561) 243-7888




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  11 Responses to “Delray Beach Police Department Hiring”

  1. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and I am interested in the Broward Community College Police Academy, what is the next step besides taking the T.A.B.E. exam?

  2. Currently seeking a career in LE. While attending college for criminal justice

  3. I am currently attending FSU pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I am currently enrolled in their distance learning program, which frees me up to go to the academy. What are the necessary steps to take to become a police officer? Is it possible to get sponsored by any departments at this present time? If so, which one(s)?

    • First we have to define sponsoring. Some academies consider it being hired and paid to be in an academy. Some academies expect you to have a relationship with a police department but not necessarily be hired (Broward used to be like this). You can contact the BCC Institute of Public Safety to see which departments sponsor or you can start contact the departments individually.

      Let us know what you find out.

  4. Hi my name is timothy jones and I am currently finishing up my last three weeks of basic training in the army as a military police soldier and will be back in florida november 18 because I am national guard and I am interested in one of the positions available.

    • Mr. Jones,

      Please use the info on this page to contact the Delray Beach Police Department directly with your inquiry.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Marc Fortin, I am interested in becoming a police officer for Delray Beach. I was told by a friend in Boyton Beach FL that you are accepting applications, but your website does not show the application. I am a resident of AZ, but I am currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I spent seven years in the Marines and I am currently in the Army National Guard infantry. I still have 8 months left on my deplyment, but I would like to complete the application now and possibly complete the other requirments during my leave in January. If this is possible please let me know, since I am very interested in this position.

    Thanks for your time
    Marc Fortin

  6. I’m a Marine with four years active duty service Honorable Discharge), just dropped into reserve unit from IRR and recently moved to West Palm Beach. What would be the next step for me to pursue a life long career with the Department?

  7. I have a bachelors in business administration and i am intrested in applyin for one of the police officer positions in delray.Can i get some information on gettin started with the requirement process with a career within the department

  8. I am a NYC Detective retired from the organized crime bureau i would like to work for your dept i now reside in florida