Jun 202010

South Florida > Broward County > Plantation Police Department Job Openings (Certified $53,367 – $75,696 and Non-Certified $14.62 per hour plus overtime while attending Police Academy)

For more information please E-mail: PoliceRecruiter@psd.plantation.org


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  1. Went to school in Toledo Ohio for criminal justice very interested in the police academy in broward county

  2. I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and I am interested in the Broward Community College Police Academy, what do I have to do next besides take the T.A.B.E exam?

  3. I will soon obtain my AA in criminal justice. I do plan on furthering my education in this field, I am very interested in this position avaliable.
    Please contact me. Thank you.

  4. We currently have 3 openings for police officer positions.

  5. Looking for a career in the LE field while attending college

  6. I live in Plantation and am interested in working for the Plantation PD. My father in-law works for N Miami Beach PD and told me that I will need to get hired by a PD or get a sponsor for the police academy first. Could you please let me know what I need to do or any information that you need from me? Thank you.

    • David,

      Check out the official Broward College IPS page for your choices. Here is the link to the ISP academy testing center I recommend you try getting hired first, then you will be paid to go to the academy and the department will pay for all your tuition and books while you are there.

      You can find some contact info for other department on this website. Check them out.

      – Tom

  7. I am a member of the Jamaica Constabulary force (JCF) where my nature of work includes mobile patroling beat and foot patrol and also all of this is done in the volatile area of down town kingston , i am also apart of the athletic team , netball team and a active member of the JCF choir which proforms for charity and is under the Community Base policing Division . i am interesting in joining your police departmant because my parents are filing for me and it is the final stage i think by december 2010 i will be migrating to Orlando Florida i really love my work so i know i would be a valuable asset to ur noble institution . hoping to get your favourable response thank you .