Aug 312010

I am being sponsored by an agency in Miami and I have to provide all of my gear (duty belt, holster, handcuff case, mag pouch etc.) I spent a pretty good penny on the gear, not to mention the $3,420.00 for the actual academy. I even had one of the officers at the Dept. thats taking me on specify as to what items to invest in and to get used to. I was wondering however, Do I need to also supply my own ammo, handcuffs, duty boots, are there particular PT sneakers that I have to get (specifically color) …the announcement didn’t elaborate too much on the specifics, and I just want to be good to go come Oct 6th. Also, aside from wearing the patch of the sponsoring agency, do I have to wear their pants or any other part of their uniform while in the academy, and if so? what? & when should I make arrangements to get sized up??  Any & all advice and info. pertaining to my onslaught of inquiries would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

 Posted by on 08/31/2010 Misc Information