Jun 202010

he following article was taken from the Shervoc News, Sheridan Vocational Center Hollywood, Florida.


A typical discussion in Mr. Jack Livingston’s Law Enforcement class may deal with hijacking, kidnapping, guerilla洲arfare, the use of force in the police de殆artment, etc.

It seems that in recent years there has been a detrimental change in attitude toward’ the police force. For instance, from 1939 to 1975 – nine troopers in the United States had been killed in the line of duty, whereas from 1975 to the present date, eleven have been killed. This indicates that support is indeed necessary.

These statistics do not, however, seem to deter John Behman, a high school student enrolled in the two-year program. He feels that, “The Law Enforcement program offered at Sheridan Vocational Center is, to say the least, exciting and challenging. I feel it is an integral facet in the preparation and development of future police officers. The class, consists of highly mature students from various high schools throughout the Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood areas, who are very easy-going, can take a joke, and turn the other cheek when the situation arises.

Joe Swails feels much the same. He had wanted to take the law Enforcement class because he has a brother active in police work, and was honored to learn that he was accepted. He finds it a pleasant change from his regular high school classes and knows that his experience and education can only improve his chances of being hired by a police department one day.

The class feels the manner in which Mr. Livingston conducts his class is indicative of his expertise in police work and investigation. The class is down to earth, enjoyable and they are proud to wear their uniforms. The students have deep respect and admiration’ for Mr. Livingston, who they feel is laying the foundation upon which their future careers may be based.

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